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One of the most validating (and embarrasing) moments in my life was when I learned my "Cobratech" project was going to be featured in a magazine. I knew using a non-traditional power plant was risky... it cost double what using a 289 or 427 might have cost and, once complete, would be worth much less than a traditional replica.  Despite this, I thought the new SVT Mod-Motor was the future of muscle cars and insisted it was the right choice. I have no idea why I couldn't be convinced a simple 289 Cobra replica was cool enough.  In the end, I'm glad I wasn't.  I learned a lot from the project and that knowledge combined with the people I met along the way has more than made up for any value disparity.  With a magazine article as the final exclamation point, I could enjoy some recognition and fame, and after such a tremendous undertaking, that was truly priceless to me. I located my donor-motor a couple of years before Ford introduced the crate motor program, s