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My Experience with Bring a Trailer

I'm never selling another car again, except maybe on Bring-a-Trailer I've had "amusing" experiences selling about 45 cars/motorcycles in my short life.  This blog is inspired by the sale of my Carrera in particular. I hate selling cars, almost as much as I hate shopping for cars.  What I love, is dreaming about cars, spending  and tinkering.  Hell, I don’t even like blogging, but it’s cheaper than buying parts online. But, I am the perfect, crazy jackass you want to buy a car from.  You benefit from my poor financial planning.  But buying from me may not be easy. I miss that Porsche, but some lucky sucker got a well sorted machine. .  I’m cynical, which doesn’t help my demeanor when I reply to emails.  If you’ve ever contacted me and you're sure you  not an idiot, I apologize. I hate short emails .  “Is it in good condition?”  Is WHAT in good condition?  I’m selling an old phone, some potted plants and a $80,000 car dude.  Also introdu

Rudy Mancinas and I kick some asphalt.

A group meetup of four and a group ride for Rudy and I.   Seems simple enough, but it was AWESOME. Actually this was a crappy photo before I cropped out a truck,  my dash and an overpass When Rudy hits the road, people online know what's happening.  Another Porsche just left the market and is getting parked in his little garage in Texas.  We all get quite excited because we are living our dreams vicariously through him.   The C4S above he sourced from Wichita Kansas.   Who's Rudy you ask?  Were you born yesterday? Read this:   Rudy Mancinas Porsche Collection - Hypebeast Or this: This Guy Wants To Have A Porsche 911 In Every Color watch this: Meet Rudy Mancinas, A Very Colorful Porsche Collector ... Now you may read on because you can understand that   Rudy is the Jay Leno of Porsche 993s .   Rudy in Kansas, loaded up his one owner C4S. No I didn't ask permission to use his picture. A  Pad Keeper  could have easily been mailed, but