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Why the hell would anyone buy a 996? The loophole explained.

Because it’s a genius idea, that’s why.   A $100,000 car for the price of a new Accord is the definition of a loophole people!  Naturally it’s controversial, but that is why its so genius.   40 th  Anniversary Edition is Porsche's successful attempt to make something special. Faster than the Carrera S or 4S, this narrow car is the “40 Jahre 911” (#1008 of 1963)   Still quite attainable, the 40 Jahre will catch on like every other special P-Car does.   Oh I've heard them, bitching about water cooling, IMS, RMS, headlights etc.  Change is never easy, but I've gotten my head out of my ass and bought one.  I can hear them now. “Hey Mark, how the hell did Adam get back into the car club?” “He bought a 996, so we  had   to let him in, technically it  is  a Carrera.” In addition to fancy badges, the 40 Jahre had a very fancy X51 performance engine, fancy suspension, fancy painted interior trim, fancy colored leather, fancy alcantara headliner, fanc