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Old Yellow, our 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport

I know, I've heard it a thousand times.  "Why do you put so much effort and money into cars only to sell them ?"    Some guy once introduced me as "the guy that always sells his cars."   Hey!  i'm not Jay Leno, so when I want to start another project something has to fund it!  Truthfully, buying and selling cars simply is the only thing I think about in my spare time.                                            In hindsight any number of cars I've owed in the past could have sufficed as my "forever" vehicle.  But once they are done, my mind starts to wander.  It seems the only vehicle that interests me is the NEXT vehicle.  I need help. Anyway here is the latest example of my overspending and stupidity.  We are pretty much done with the XJ and focusing on more on our BMW Coupe project and our TRD-Pro these days.  I wish we could keep them all, but space also dictates "thinning the herd" every few years.    Note: Door skins are showing