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Back in Black, this man's journey back into a Porsche.

Well, that didn’t last long.     While my Audi RS3 will probably go down in history as my best overall sports car, I still strayed. Kinda sounds like I need counseling but let me explain.    I obsessed over the New Audi’s depreciation from day one.  I should really be driving  Kia Stinger given my income level, so I rationalize my $tupidity by claiming that my cars are an investment as well as transportation. This lie I tell myself and others works better with older cars.    This is indeed an "old" car.  2010 was over 10 years ago, though its hard to believe.  Pic taken on Colorado's Peak to Peak Hwy this fall. My unfaithfulness toward the Audi is also because I love Porsches more than I can explain.  Those Carrera roots go deep under every racetrack in the world. I really dig that connection and history.  Also they have always been so purpose-built.  They are attractive merely by coincidence and in such a no nonselse way. I’ve never gotten over my white 993 Carrera 2S,