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Carbon is a slipery slope

I'm not a big fan of carbon fiber as interior trim. It is only used for looks, not weight savings in these settings and nobody knows when to stop.  Once they buy a shift knob, it seems reasonable to get the e-brake handle in carbon too.  Next comes the door handles, then the mirrors, kick panels, doorlocks etc.  It gets downright rediculous.   So I'm just going to say no to carbon goodies.  Except for that dash pictured above.  Now that's sexy.   The car the dash is attached to is for sale at Sloan Cars for just under $100K and has about 12K miles on the odometer.  It's a 1996 Porsche 993 Turbo and that carbon dash was a factory option in '96.   Check it out: I know, these older turbos are not fast like today's supercars are fast.  I also know that you can get just about anything in carbon these days, and plenty of supercars are dripping with the stuff, but i'm going to make a judge