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Doubling Down

Spending like an idiot is the true path to sports car bliss.  I like this car so I'm doubling down, like any clueless jackass would do in my situation. Then I will reach the promise land. The M3/4/5 is esoteric slang for the  M3, 4 door, 5 speed.   Not rare but not  terribly common either; many have been totaled, worn out, or converted to race cars due to the fantastic handling, and stiffer sedan body pillars.   I like it as much as my previous Carrera (no I don't). Doubling down on everything on an old M3 costs about as much as a shift knob for a Porsche.  Of course the Porsche was cooler, but the M3 is an old rock star that still has what it takes.  I could name rock stars now, but don't want to be judged. More importantly you should follow me and do the same.  Let's be stupid together; I'll be your leader Here's how you get started,  you find this online, then say to yourself  "I'll buy this  rather than some newer car with