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My 993 Carrera. The deal of the century comes along every 2 weeks.

My Carrera S    Without a doubt, to me the 993 Porsche Carrera S is one of the greatest cars available at any price. It is clearly the car I dreamt of when thinking of replacing my  Cobra. This is evidenced by my previous blog "Dare to dream"   The '98 Carrera S is the final,  perfect iteration of the air-cooled Carrera.  It spares the complications of a turbo, but not the sexy turbo body shell.   It's dramatic with wide fenders, but not overstated because it has no wing. Its 993 motor was clearly a product from more directly racing, not so with the water cooled 996.  At the time, Porsche was simply trying to move out inventory and prepare for the new model.  They ended up making something special to a lot of people. selling the Cobra was hard,but not as hard as choosing a replacement Carrera S production, while not quite a collectible (arguable), was quite low.  My calculations put about 1732 Carrera S models into the USA. 993 of which were importe

The one that got away. Sort of.

  Shopping off Cragslist has it's ups and downs.  Every receipt since bought at the dealer.  My wife is busting my balls now because I didn't buy the RSA that I claimed I was going to hold out for. That was 2 days ago! (basically an eternity in car shopping days). Strange, since she hated the RSA and half the reason I bought this car below is for her to sit on those leather seats. I said she was supportive, I didn't say she wasn't a smart ass. Perfect original paint but unoriginal Turbo-twist wheels.  Love em. But seriously, when I found this car I had to buy it. The condition was just too good to pass up. And 48,000 miles is pretty low for a 21 year old car. My idea of a perfect car day is a long drive in the mountains, not the racetrack. So, I think this will do nicely. And hopefully attract less odd people than the Cobra did too. Love non-metallic paint.  Easier to fix and Guards Red it a great Porsche color Original craigslist ad in Santa Barbara

In Search of the Elusive RS America

The deal of the century comes about once every two weeks.  Yes, I know it does. I just seem forget every 2 hours or so.  Okay, so my Cobra has sold and left me with some cash and no brains. I have reread my blogs and determined that I need to put my Cobra money into a car that will be cool in an esoteric way, hold its value and be a Porsche! After budget evaluation and taking into consideration that more complicated cars are more complicated financially I've decided to keep it somewhat simple too. No OBD-2 diagnostic computers, no Varioram, no side curtain airbags, no navigation and no AWD. Oh, and no watercooling. Leaving me with a clear winner: 1993 964 Porsche 911 RS America. aka the RSA. Ebay car.  I bid my entire budget  but lost.  20K miles. Following the time honored tradition of paying more, getting less and going faster the RSA has no back seats, no door pockets, no power steering and has up-tuned suspension. I personally think the lack of leather is a bummer, but