The one that got away. Sort of.

 Shopping off Cragslist has it's ups and downs. 

Every receipt since bought at the dealer. 

My wife is busting my balls now because I didn't buy the RSA that I claimed I was going to hold out for. That was 2 days ago! (basically an eternity in car shopping days). Strange, since she hated the RSA and half the reason I bought this car below is for her to sit on those leather seats. I said she was supportive, I didn't say she wasn't a smart ass.

Perfect original paint but unoriginal Turbo-twist wheels.  Love em.

But seriously, when I found this car I had to buy it. The condition was just too good to pass up. And 48,000 miles is pretty low for a 21 year old car. My idea of a perfect car day is a long drive in the mountains, not the racetrack. So, I think this will do nicely. And hopefully attract less odd people than the Cobra did too.

Love non-metallic paint.  Easier to fix and Guards Red it a great Porsche color

Original craigslist ad in Santa Barbara:
1990 Porsche 964 for sale. 48,000 original miles. No accidents or paint work.. All documents since new.. Meticulously maintained.. Guards red with tan and black interior.. This car is absolutely perfect inside and out.. Showroom condition. Turbo twist wheels, good tires, cup pipe, cup chip, alpine stereo and includes all original equipment... No leaks, drives perfect... This is the cleanest 964 I've seen.. This car is seriously nice and is as close to perfect as it gets.. Must see to appreciate.. I am asking $31,500 or OBO.. I am open to offers... Please feel free to call with questions..

New suspension w/corner ballance

12 hours after coming to an agreement on the phone, I received an email from the seller asking me to delay buying my tickets to CA. No further explanation was given. Of course, my mind began to race... perhaps he was showing it to other people even after our agreement. Regardless of the circumstances, I was no longer comfortable with the situation. I wasn't going mail that check if I felt his integrity was in question.  You really do get all kinds on Craigslist.  I wrote a funny blog about these sellers a few weeks back:  Craigslist Sellers


I love those older VDO guages, made of glass and metal!

I gave him 12 hours to respond to my request for more elaboration as to the circumstances. He didn't respond. I retracted my agreement and tore up the check. After all you've got to practice what you preach. (see blog: enjoy the process or walk)

A few tasteful upgrades, including computer chip and intake.

Call, me old fashioned, but when you hang up the phone with an arrangment, the sale is done.  It sure felt like I was getting played, while he worked on some other deal.

Cup exhaust. 

I've never liked the saying "everything  happens for a reason".  I do however like the saying  "the deal of the centrury comes along about every 2 week"s.  I wasn't 72 hours later that my wife found my 993 below.

photo is link to my current C2S


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