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She's fast enough for you old man.

You can dispense with the pleasantries, I'm here to get you back to reality.   This is clearly beyond our price range, it's not the car your looking for. So we are all very excited about the new C7 Stingray Corvette, aren't we?   But,  let's keep in mind that cars are poor investments.  Let's also keep in mind that for some of us money must go to for diapers for a long, long time - then for soccer shoes and lastly college.  So, let's all let the emotions settle down and think this new obsession through, shall we?   You can go about your business. Move along If you still want a Corvette after taking your heart medicine, then you've got to make some important decisions.  Your decision must pay some dividends, or you'll never sell it to yourself or others who might hold the checkbook.  I'm here to help, because I don't blog about super cars, and "rationalization" is my middle name.   I blog about cars I can


Okay,  I wrote this blog after my very first impression.  Since then I've come around and warmed to every goddam inch of this car.  Mostly because the things I though were retarded, turn out to be functional components.  Example: the side vents and tail lights actually are ugly for a reason.  Well, more accurately, the form follows function anyway, so I've given Chevy a pass. It's hard to imagine "needing" more than a C7 ever!   Perhaps I'll commemorate my son's birth with a new payment book. Looks like it could be public school for you Cameron. I thought I knew everything knowable about Corvettes in high school.  In College my speech class got the pleasure of hearing all about Corvettes for every single speech I gave.  I didn't need any research on the subject, which freed up more time for chasing girls in my Camaro.  Strangely,  although there have been several in the family, Ive never personally owned one.  I thought the C7 might be th