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Water cooled Carreras for dummies. So, you’re contemplating a water cooled Carrera.   Good for you, I’m still a traditional holdout, but I get where you’re coming from.  Porsche did all it could with regards to power and emissions using an air cooled motor.  With the razor sharp temperature control possible using coolant cleaner emissions and much power was available.   After all, Porsche isn’t about air cooling, its about continuous improvement. 996 Carrera S  had a bumper facial like the turbo model. The 996  1999-2004 These Carreras are quite distinctive because they departed from round headlights which turned out to be astetically  dissapointing to the purists that were already up in arms about the departure form air cooling.  The major thing to know about the 996 model years is that they were known, by people in the know anyway, as fragile.   The Carrera and Carrera S had IMS failure issues.  That’s the bearing and seal that holds the crankshaft in place.  The bea