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My 1976 R90

Bike's Current state  This is the extent of my rides,  Starbucks.   I'm a busy guy, but while I've been riding since 1979 I'm not into long trips I have the OEM mirrors too, but these are my favorites custom anodized to match I will eventually restore these, who doesn't live Krausers These latch better, and are serviceable.  Samsonite I think?  Bike had spokes, which traditionalists prefer.  I like the more serviceable Lester mags. These clean easier, never rust, are period correct and you can run tubeless or radial tires.   The Hagon shocks are excellent, but I'm working on some $900 Works shocks I know I didn't need a billet aluminum triple clamp.  But I wanted it. Note tank: its a 1977 model.  It locks, and the 1976 didn't This is an "S" model airbox too,  Breaths easier. Other stuff I have lying around, or hard to see in the photos:. Stainless bolts Dyna ignition, with