My 1976 R90

Bike's Current state 
This is the extent of my rides,  Starbucks.   I'm a busy guy, but while I've been riding since 1979 I'm not into long trips

I have the OEM mirrors too, but these are my favorites custom anodized to match

I will eventually restore these, who doesn't live Krausers

These latch better, and are serviceable.  Samsonite I think? 
Bike had spokes, which traditionalists prefer.  I like the more serviceable Lester mags.
These clean easier, never rust, are period correct and you can run tubeless or radial tires.  

The Hagon shocks are excellent, but I'm working on some $900 Works shocks

I know I didn't need a billet aluminum triple clamp.  But I wanted it.

Note tank: its a 1977 model.  It locks, and the 1976 didn't

This is an "S" model airbox too,  Breaths easier.

Other stuff I have lying around, or hard to see in the photos:.
  • Stainless bolts
  • Dyna ignition, with a spare or two.
  • Spare cables, throttle and clutch
  • Spare front and rear fenders (for future projects, perhaps a cafe project)
  • Spare gators for forks
  • Progressive Works Springs, front an rear and spares 
  • 3 drive shafts (can't have too many extras)
  • Piles of bulbs, books, seals, footpegs, grips, boots and bolts.
  • Dual discs, bar mounted master cylinder.
  • S-Air Box
Like so many airheads,  the work  done to the bike before purchased far exceeded the price I paid, and like my predecessor I have spent far more on this bike that it could possibly be worth. But I don't expect to sell, ever.  This is more of a heirloom than a motorcycle

(2014 photo) The bike as purchased in 2014.  Wire wheels are gone.
The original owner was retiring from two wheelers and looking to clear out space.
 He and his wife were quite sentimental when I came to pick it up in 2014
This looks a lot like an R90S,  but with unpainted calipers, wider handlebars,  a 1977 tank, and Bing Carbs, it is not a replica.    So if the similar appearance to an R90S offends you, kindly piss up a rope.

Forks are off a later model R100S, which have dual disks.   (2014 photo)

The seller purchased the bike in 1977 and had improved and maintained the bike with passion right up until the day I arrived.  Engine was gone through since 2000 but I didn't get particulars, it didn't spoke and it runs on unleaded, that's all that concerned me.  Besides, the owner was a NASA engineer & did the work himself.  I assured him that I was essentially 
adopting the bike, like a 2nd son, and it would live a good life since I learned a valuable lesson in regretting my last sale.   As sappy as it sounds, that mattered to the seller.
Engine was recently rebuilt and bored to closer to 1000cc.  Carbs jetted to match

Greg, the seller, and I hit it off immediately.  Nobody want's to buy from a jackass.  Read my blog "enjoy the process or walk"   and you'll get my meaning.  He'd driven this machine all over the planet alone and with his wife over the years.   While I'd primarily be going out for coffee with it, my passion about well engineered machines was the same.  

You'll notice I've already removed the back rest and the luggage rack.
  This is leaner  and more to my taste for the short 1/2 hour rides that I do.

Greg recommended that I bring a large SUV or truck even if I was riding home.  He had over 38 years of goodies accumulated and I needed to haul them all off.  Woo hoo!!

 The paint is a custom blend by BeeLine Paint in Colorado Springs, but the fairing was painted by FitzGraphics in Broomfield and he used Aztec Gold.   I'll be tinkering endlessly to make it my own, but the bones are good on this one for sure. (2014  photo)


It's exactly 30 days later,  I sold the Ducati for $5,000 and spent all t of that money on more goodies.  
I might have gone a little overboard shopping:

Overbuilt swingarm brace is overkill, but it makes me happy.

Fork brace,  an airhead just looks wrong w/out em
Triple clamp, billet aluminum is never a bad idea for anything.
Frame braces.  Don't need'em but they look racey. (Uninstalled)
Lester mags, and Avon tires so i can go tubeless and avoid rust.
Now sports a Factory Seat, and Corbin Seat as a spare. 
Stainless bolt kit.  Good summer project replacing every bolt.  
Not all have been installed, it's an ongoing project.

  bar mounted master cylinders brake far better. (Not my bike inphoto)

LEDs, you just gotta have these.
Extra front and rear fenders, to paint black and trim/customize
I'm thinking more tire should show from the sides and rear..


Current State as of April 2017

 Currently thinking a bare aluminum tank, charcoal fenders and no fairing.
The gold paint is new, so I'll box it all up and sell, or keep.   


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