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A brief love affair with the BMW E36 M3/4/5

    My stable needed an AWD for my personal winter coolness.  As a poor blogging pharmacist, the M3 was  to be the car to fund it.  Tiny spoiler is off a E46, but it's applied with tape, You can peel it off if it offends your sensibilities.  If it was still for sale the add would look like this...................... For Sale:  Made FAMOUS BY THIS BLOG.  MY 1997 M3 4 door 5 speed sedan 116,000 miles and climbing.  All those nagging little projects have been done.  Apparently, I forgot it snows in Colorado.  This is the car in current state.  Just outside of Estes Park, my favorite Saturday drive. Saturday drives and cars and coffee is all I do.  I don't have the nerves for  track days Please note there are no pizza delivery guys or teenagers in it's ownership history.  No offense intended, I'm a big fan of both for different reasons. Owner 1.  ER manager at Seattle hospital Owner 2.  ER physician at same hospital Owner 3.  Pharmacist at Bou

12 easy steps to ruining a cars originality.

I bought a 40-Anniversary Carrera because it was an amazing amount of car for an amazing price.  I am not afraid to change things up as long as it makes it a better car and is reversible for the purist in me.  You know, in case I need to sell it to fund a hemorrhoidectomy or something. Black accents, Lower, Louder and Bigger brakes. I'm done for now. I'd like to think Porsche could have offered such a car in 2004. Yes, the paint is perfect under that hideous black hood.   With just 35,000 miles on the odometer and 25,000 on the motor it is freaking NEW!   Most people would assume it was an IMS failure that forced the dealer to buy it back and intal a 997 engine block, but that's pretty unlikely at 10K miles.  Finding any X51 powered car at all is a win because nobody actually bought the X51 package.  I'd say the Carrera T is my benchmark.  Not overly powerful, but well sorted  for Touring. It comes with something odd, a warranty.   What would I do