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My Experience with Bring a Trailer

I'm never selling another car again, except maybe on Bring-a-Trailer I've had "amusing" experiences selling about 45 cars/motorcycles in my short life.  This blog is inspired by the sale of my Carrera in particular. I hate selling cars, almost as much as I hate shopping for cars.  What I love, is dreaming about cars, spending  and tinkering.  Hell, I don’t even like blogging, but it’s cheaper than buying parts online. But, I am the perfect, crazy jackass you want to buy a car from.  You benefit from my poor financial planning.  But buying from me may not be easy. I miss that Porsche, but some lucky sucker got a well sorted machine. .  I’m cynical, which doesn’t help my demeanor when I reply to emails.  If you’ve ever contacted me and you're sure you  not an idiot, I apologize. I hate short emails .  “Is it in good condition?”  Is WHAT in good condition?  I’m selling an old phone, some potted plants and a $80,000 car dude.  Also introdu