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Habitat for Humanity

Aunt Dee is an honorary aunt but let’s not split hairs here. Anyone into cars as much as I am (or half as much as I am) must be related somehow!  Dee and the LT1 "Survivor" she donated to the National Corvette Museum.  Perhaps my favorite old Vette. Love those chrome bumpers and the pin striped hood. Dee is moving into a new home and we all know that the garage gets the short-end of the stick when moving. And, that’s just wrong!  We should remember that the cars are getting a new home too and that’s pretty damn important.  So this is my own version of Habitat for Humanity… for cars. I offered my services, not to hang pictures or to stack boxes.  Please.  I offered my services to get the *really* important stuff in order.  The cars. But first a tour of the grounds This one building is actually 3 different garages.  Oh and there’s another one-car garage located on the property as well, so your lawn mower doesn’t’ get grass on or near your cars.  This is the back o

Coming soon.

1,700 little 12"x12"grey squares.  and some Tylenol Jumping on a plane this week to help build a floor for "Aunt Dee's" cars.   An altruistic endeavor it is not.  I'm hoping to take'em for a spin around the block. 

Northwest Historic

Spotting special cars is fun.  No interesting (or even uninteresting) sports car ever passed by without me mentioning it.  I’m sure others find this a very charming trait.  I found myself passing by the Northwest Historic Vintage Auto Races.  When I say “passing by”  I mean it was only about an hour out of my way. I figure the guys out racing that day aren’t the only car guys.  The spectators must be car guys too, after all who else would pay $25 bucks to get in and $10 for a hot dog?  Porsche attendance at the track just makes sense.  After all, these cars are very direct descendants from race cars and the owners bought them for that reason.  I find the sighting of a older Porsche in great condition much more special than a new car in new condition.   It’s also easier to imagine myself affording it.    The only 964 I saw. Window down and V1 on the windshield. I hope it stayed there.  Yes, it was in the parking lot.   I like the company this 911 keeps