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Project Modest Garage

One of my favorite things to do is work in the garage with the sound of auto racing in the background.   I'm not a big fan of watching auto racing on TV mind you, but I enjoy the sounds and commentary as it motivates me to organize my tools, wax my car, or bleed my brakes.  Frankly, as a renter, I'd accepted defeat on having an awesome garage and began daydreaming of manly days alone, at Starbucks. It may be ugly but in Seattle garages either have abandoned MG's in them or have been converted to mother-in-law apartments.  Both highly offensive.  After 2 double lattes recently I decided renting is no excuse for not having a cool garage.   A few hundred dollars spent for the garage improvement is no different than new curtains and throw rugs.    The landlord, Jeremy, agreed to coat the roof with sealant and install a new garage door.   Twas time to kick some ass. Ideal garages are not easy to accomplish when children demand new soccer shoes, and the trash cans nee