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Minor Pedal Enhancements on my BMW Z3 M-Coupe

I have installed a Tuner Motorsports  E36 Adjustable Short Throw Clutch Pedal.    While this is info on my M-Coupe install, any E36 BMW has the same pedals, so I won't be offended if an M3 owner reads this I guess. Reasons why?        The factory clutch pedal leaned to the left side and was unsightly.  This is because it is made of plastic compounded by the fact that the spring is mounted on the right of the pedal lever, forcing it to migrate leftward over time.  Lots of people think a bushing replacement will fix leaning, I doubt that but it may have minor benefit and those bushings are indeed old anyway.         I have some orthopedic problems with my left ankle and don't know how much longer I'll able to drive a 3-pedal car.  This adjustable lever will hopefully reduce the pedal effort as well. AC Schnitzer covers are oxidized. The clutch leans left pretty badly in the photo  and is far worse in person. Shopping list with links to where I got them. 1. Tuner Motorports Pe