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SOLD - 1964 FIA Shelby Cobra Replica

Too Fast, Too Loud, Impractical and Dangerous. In other words, perfect . My FIA Cobra is the only one ever built by ERA Replica Automobiles to be powered by the 281ci DOHC SVT Cobra motor, aka the "mod motor' or modular motor. It is much larger in size than the 289 that usually powers FIA Cobras and is also fuel injected. Hence it's quite a departure from a traditional replica. I have room for just one sports car and it's time to experience a GT car, perhaps something with A/C and power windows. The Cobra project was a great chapter in my life... it taught me a lot and helped forge friendships that will last a lifetime.    Note the cool little FIA dimples in the trunk for the "FIA suitcase"   This Cobra is the less common 289 FIA variety, not the more common, voluptuous big block 427SC variety. Many refer to the FIA as Bo Derrick as opposed to the big block, Dolly Parton. I chose the ERA brand because of their reputation and bo

I'll Take Mine in Green, For Envy

I know you'll be shocked, but someone has to tell you.  I didn't win the 2011 Carrera GTS in the Porsche Club of America raffle.  I know your hurting for me, and I appreciate it. I don’t think I can eat breakfast. I’m not going to brush my teeth either, nor comb my hair. I want that PCA raffle judges to see what they’ve done to me. I’m a shell of a man. How could they lead me on like that? Mailing me raffle flyers, posting pictures on their website. They should be ashamed of themselves. This is no different than all those girls in college that gave me their number only to tell me they were busy once I called. My new Porsche driving gloves are going to look pretty stupid when I’m behind the wheel of a Ford Explorer. So now what? I can tell you I’m not going to buy a new GTS that’s for sure. Besides, I’m not sure Porsche corporate wasn’t also complicit in preventing my win. Oh, did I mention that I don’t even like water-cooled Carreras anyway. Well, I don’t.     After

Stop Waxing and Start Driving

Your last sports car can't be a trailer queen. Richard Newton of  Naples Florida demonstrates how to enjoy a Classic 911 These days, you can buy all sorts of junk to help you keep your car perfect. Every kind of gadget imaginable exists for you to make sure your car appears as though it's never been driven at all: Plastic bubbles for storage (because a simple cover won't suffice), special tooth picks for cleaning tiny places that weren't even clean the day the car was originally manufactured, swirl remover, rock guard, seat covers, dash mats, floor mats, magnetic door ding protectors… you name it. Heck, in some cases you can even buy your original (and by "original" I mean "crappy") tires from 30 year ago. Now that your car can look like it's never been driven, let's find ways for you not to drive it too! How about special tire holders? That way, when it sits in the garage for 5 months, the rubber won't get flat spots. Oh, and whi