Stop Waxing and Start Driving

Your last sports car can't be a trailer queen.
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Richard Newton of  Naples Florida demonstrates how to enjoy a Classic 911

These days, you can buy all sorts of junk to help you keep your car perfect. Every kind of gadget imaginable exists for you to make sure your car appears as though it's never been driven at all: Plastic bubbles for storage (because a simple cover won't suffice), special tooth picks for cleaning tiny places that weren't even clean the day the car was originally manufactured, swirl remover, rock guard, seat covers, dash mats, floor mats, magnetic door ding protectors… you name it. Heck, in some cases you can even buy your original (and by "original" I mean "crappy") tires from 30 year ago.

Now that your car can look like it's never been driven, let's find ways for you not to drive it too!
How about special tire holders? That way, when it sits in the garage for 5 months, the rubber won't get flat spots. Oh, and while it sits, no need to start it up either… why bother? We'll just use this Battery Tender. And, don't forget the fuel stabilizer! Now that you're not driving it, it should really hold up well. Just think what a wonderful feeling you're going to have when you die… you'll rest in peace, knowing you didn't wear out that awesome car.

It makes me ill listening to people tell stories about how they "almost got caught in the rain last week." Then, they go on about how much trouble it is to get underneath the car in order to dry the undercarriage. Dry the undercarriage?! Friends, when your engine looks so good you're afraid to put oil in it, you've gone too far. When you crawl off that creeper, your arms should be dirty! Period. These things are cars, not fine china.

Sports cars are tools for going fast. They look best when in motion.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop waxing and start driving.

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Just don't take the concept too far.

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