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Project M3/4/5

I don't need a new M2 or an Alfa Guila Quadrifoglio, right?.   I mean who needs those pieces of crap? Screw those cars. After all the M3/4/5 is a more real car. 1. it has real rack and pinion, not electronic steering trying to feel real. 2. it has one handling mode only and no switch.  It on all the damn time so if your Starbucks sloshes around, get a towel. 3. it has no power memory seats.  It doesn't remember my seat position because I don't let the wife drive the damn thing.  I leave the toilet seat up intentionally sometimes too. 4. it has a real manual transmission, but more importantly...  You can place paddle shifters anywhere you like, but they won't help your testicles grow back. 5. it has no infotainment.  It's my right as an american to be offended by much less.  So yep, I'm offended by infotainment. Just look at them,  hideous right? Join the Fans of Sedans Group on facebook   FACEBOOK E36 SEDAN GROUP My mission is the make my $10,000