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GranTourismo dreams on a Elantra budget

Desperate times call for desperate measures.   The forthcoming Cameron "Camshaft" Crabtree, due in March has me looking for a daily commuter.   This need is not exciting and the funds I plan to spend even less exciting.  Figuring most of my cash will be going toward diapers, formula and Legos,  I suspect older cars with higher miles should fit the bill. A car with about 100,000 miles should be adequately broken in. 2012 Volkswagon Golf-R.  4 doors, 4WD and diesel "economy" The AWD Golf R is as cool as any Subaru, but a bit less prepubescent Perfect in every way except one small thing,  the R runs about $40K. So this Volkswagon serves primarily as inspiration only: Inspiration #1    GTI's, the older the better, sadly I've yet to find a 4-door. Inspiration #2   4-Door TDI Golfs.  Somehow diesels are esoterically cool I'm not suggest anything cliche' like selling my Porsche for a Chevy Volt.  Selling the Carrera is  out of the question

Garage Envy

I'm moving back into my most favorite garage tomorrow.  I can confess, I did envy the cool garages belonging to everyone other than me had.  Yes, I hated you.  Now that I am "home" with an enviable garage all my own, your lives will all be spared. All pictures are compliments of the Rennlist Dicussion Forums.  Thanks guys. Just think of me as like a deposed dictator who's just regained his position through the use of an elite fighting force backed by the CIA. I'm back jack!  With nary a buck to spend on car wax, but I'm here damnit, and it's all mine.  Except for the half that now will belong to my wife.  A small price to pay. Cowhorn's RS pretty much is the definition of envy.   You have got to have a decent garage or the other guys in the neighborhood won't envy you properly.  When a car guy's garage door is open, nearby "domesticated" husbands need to look yearningly as they pass.  They should walk past with baby

Project Modest Garage

One of my favorite things to do is work in the garage with the sound of auto racing in the background.   I'm not a big fan of watching auto racing on TV mind you, but I enjoy the sounds and commentary as it motivates me to organize my tools, wax my car, or bleed my brakes.  Frankly, as a renter, I'd accepted defeat on having an awesome garage and began daydreaming of manly days alone, at Starbucks. It may be ugly but in Seattle garages either have abandoned MG's in them or have been converted to mother-in-law apartments.  Both highly offensive.  After 2 double lattes recently I decided renting is no excuse for not having a cool garage.   A few hundred dollars spent for the garage improvement is no different than new curtains and throw rugs.    The landlord, Jeremy, agreed to coat the roof with sealant and install a new garage door.   Twas time to kick some ass. Ideal garages are not easy to accomplish when children demand new soccer shoes, and the trash cans nee

993FEST 2012.

2012's  First and hopefully annual 993 Fest Click here to check out 2013. Do it now. Special thanks to  Hans Schut aka Rennlist's jo-hans. Without his photos this would just be a bunch a smart-ass commentary and lies. but now iat least it has photos Its hard to criticize the competition when they are all the same model, but not impossible.  I'm so excited after returning from this event I can barely get the words onto this blog.  Basically, the event is self-explanatory.  Many of the 993 centric Porsche enthusiasts wanted their own special event.  So Nathan (more about him later) put on an event for us.  Word spread through the usual venues like Rennlist, Yahoo group, and Facebook.  The date was Father's Day weekend, not chosen to exclude fathers, but rather because it was soon and didn't conflict with any track events.   The first 993FEST was born. The iron used for the red paint's pigment makes the car heavier and hence slower.   I