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GranTourismo dreams on a Elantra budget

Desperate times call for desperate measures.   The forthcoming Cameron "Camshaft" Crabtree, due in March has me looking for a daily commuter.   This need is not exciting and the funds I plan to spend even less exciting.  Figuring most of my cash will be going toward diapers, formula and Legos,  I suspect older cars with higher miles should fit the bill. A car with about 100,000 miles should be adequately broken in. 2012 Volkswagon Golf-R.  4 doors, 4WD and diesel "economy" The AWD Golf R is as cool as any Subaru, but a bit less prepubescent Perfect in every way except one small thing,  the R runs about $40K. So this Volkswagon serves primarily as inspiration only: Inspiration #1    GTI's, the older the better, sadly I've yet to find a 4-door. Inspiration #2   4-Door TDI Golfs.  Somehow diesels are esoterically cool I'm not suggest anything cliche' like selling my Porsche for a Chevy Volt.  Selling the Carrera is  out of the question