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and so it begins.

I have  an  obsession with the original  Dinan  Supercharger. With all it's shortcomings, I "need" it because it was the ultimate factory option in the 90's.  Authorized dealers would install these, then  Dinan  insured them to maintain the factory warranty.   Below explains where I 'm headed with my M3,  but with less carbon fiber. Okay,   almost a factory option;  y ou 're going to  find  that  many of the truths we  cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.   I'm obsessed with that stupid little "D" or this would be much easier More than one company offers nice intercooled systems for the E36 Dinan  offered quite a nice package, who could resist? a sexy proprietary mount w/a pretty "D" engraved into it. a hideous aluminum finish in an all black engine compartment unappealing hoses and clamps probably sourced from Lowe's No cooling at all, to assure the system fell short of it's poten