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993FEST 2012.

2012's  First and hopefully annual 993 Fest Click here to check out 2013. Do it now. Special thanks to  Hans Schut aka Rennlist's jo-hans. Without his photos this would just be a bunch a smart-ass commentary and lies. but now iat least it has photos Its hard to criticize the competition when they are all the same model, but not impossible.  I'm so excited after returning from this event I can barely get the words onto this blog.  Basically, the event is self-explanatory.  Many of the 993 centric Porsche enthusiasts wanted their own special event.  So Nathan (more about him later) put on an event for us.  Word spread through the usual venues like Rennlist, Yahoo group, and Facebook.  The date was Father's Day weekend, not chosen to exclude fathers, but rather because it was soon and didn't conflict with any track events.   The first 993FEST was born. The iron used for the red paint's pigment makes the car heavier and hence slower.   I