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What happens when modification A gets in the way of modification B.

Fabrication (metal fabrication)  Mustangs are a common place to find modifications.  And with modifications come risks.  Repairs can often be opportunities in disguise.  Let’s just say don’t race this car for pinks, okay. This Garrett turbocharger is one of a pair being fitted onto an intercooled manifold from a 3 valve 2005 Mustang GT’s supercharger kit.   I think Tim Allen said it best: “more power, aaarrrrggg”   Clearly modifying a supercharger setup to be fed by twin turbo warrants some serious modifications.   You just don’t find plumbing for this at O’Reilly’s .  Look closely and you’ll see both turbos.     The further you depart from stock the less likely anything will ever install easily and look elegant. We’ve all done our share of  innovating and scrounging to “fabricate” a solution to that kind of problem.  Eventually things will get complicated enough that you wont be able so scrounge the appropriate parts and tools at home to get the job done right.  If your favorit