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Remedial modification.

Ever dream of modifications all evening, online, drunk? Me too 2 weeks after my tour to Cannon Beach with the Porsche club I'm still feeling the effects of the red mist. Any guy who's been on the track knows the red mist is the judgment impairing, blind enthusiasm that affects your judgment and velocity. Off the track it manifests itself via the internet, beer and the "buy it now" button. So, let's blog this shopping spree out of my system. Let's be clear, things you need like tires and brake pads,  purchased after a testosterone saturated event do not apply as the product of red mist.. Everyone needs wear items replaced, even if you do splurge a bit more than you need to (nobody needs to know). I'm talking about the real stupid stuff. The stuff you can't rationalize easily or hide when the UPS guy drops it off.  Stuff you have to explain to your wife. Okay, maybe "exhaust system" is a bit of an understatement. The GT40 headers serv

Rennsport Reunion.

Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV: This is how we celebrate. This video is placed here so I don't forget to go next time.

Speak no evil

That's not Bellevue WA traffic.  Its a PNWR PCA tour. A feisty one. On an organized tour this weekend  I found satisfaction.  It was organized by someone else, so no work for me, I just showed up and had fun.  Not the kind of fun you have running to the Home Depot in your Carrera, but the real kind.  Just a spirited trip down to Oregon and back.  I gotta tell you, you just can't beat looking in front of you and seeing an awesome car, then looking behind you and seeing another awesome car.  Multiply that by say 7, as in 7 Porsches in front  and  behind.  Then you really get some satisfaction.  Now take those 15 cars and inject just a little testosterone.  That was my weekend.  A example of a car in front.   I could have taken him if I had a carbon shift knob. Being out-matched buy other cars was really wasn't that demoralizing.   There is always someone faster than you and your car.  I just accepted it and then it actually made it even better. You watch the faste


If you dig deep I bet you can find a better drive than one to the auto parts store. Track days not in your budget?  Join the club. Perhaps you have a heart condition or  are allergic to VHT. No excuses, some cars were made to drive.  Whatever the reason, organized or unorganized rides are a cheap and easy way to get your fix.  This photo is from a weekend when some Shelby club  guys drove over the mountains to crash a Viper show.  It’s just a few hours from Seattle so packing was simple enough:  credit card, sunscreen and gas. (1964 FIA Cobra Replica) You’ve got to get off your ass and make things happen or your summer passes you bye.  Like mine just did. Crap. My wife is a great facilitator when it comes to getting me off my ass and having fun.  She found this car with 20K miles in California. She made an offer on it, she booked the flights and the lodging.  I just showed up, paid and drove it back up the coast. San Francisco,  RT1, US101, and a skinny redhead.  You know you’r

Rainy days

Another crappy day in the Northwest. Just because many manufacturers have switched to water based paints, does not mean your car will melt if you drive in the rain.  Get a coat of wax on and go drive for god sakes.  Here's how it's done: We set the alarm and woke up at 6:30 am and made the 2 hour drive to Tacoma for the monthly car-guy get together at Griot’s Garage.  The forecast called for rain so parking lot nirvana ,like last month, was not expected.  The car below, however, certainly made the trip worth it. 1971 Tyrrell - Ford F1 car. I'm no expert but any 32-Valve V8 gets my heart rate up.  I heard this car go past at the historic races not too long ago in July. I personally figured my car could handle a little rain.  My weekends off are few and far between these days so I had no intention of driving a dog haired Explorer today.  With 3 coats of Griots wax on my Carrera I figured I could make it to Tacoma and back  in the rain as long as I drove really fast.