If you dig deep I bet you can find a better drive than one to the auto parts store.
Track days not in your budget?  Join the club. Perhaps you have a heart condition or  are allergic to VHT. No excuses, some cars were made to drive.  Whatever the reason, organized or unorganized rides are a cheap and easy way to get your fix. 
This photo is from a weekend when some Shelby club  guys drove over the mountains to crash a Viper show.  It’s just a few hours from Seattle so packing was simple enough:  credit card, sunscreen and gas. (1964 FIA Cobra Replica)
You’ve got to get off your ass and make things happen or your summer passes you bye.  Like mine just did. Crap.
End of Rt1
My wife is a great facilitator when it comes to getting me off my ass and having fun.  She found this car with 20K miles in California. She made an offer on it, she booked the flights and the lodging.  I just showed up, paid and drove it back up the coast. San Francisco,  RT1, US101, and a skinny redhead.  You know you’re jealous  (1998 BMW M3)

Mt St Helens.  As you might imagine the roads are all pretty new going up the mountain.  Walkie talkies made it pretty fun too. 
This weekend, I’m hitting the road to Cannon Beach Oregon with the local PCA chapter  It’s going to rain, but hey, anything is better than wasting a sports car on latte” runs to Starbucks.  The hardest part, she just told me, is what to wear.   Not for me.
Okay, so perhaps breaking out the driving shoes might be over kill for a club ride.  I’ll just leave the driving gloves at home, but I'm wearing my shoes dammit.


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