Rainy days

Another crappy day in the Northwest.

Just because many manufacturers have switched to water based paints, does not mean your car will melt if you drive in the rain.  Get a coat of wax on and go drive for god sakes.  Here's how it's done:

We set the alarm and woke up at 6:30 am and made the 2 hour drive to Tacoma for the monthly car-guy get together at Griot’s Garage.  The forecast called for rain so parking lot nirvana ,like last month, was not expected.  The car below, however, certainly made the trip worth it.
1971 Tyrrell - Ford F1 car. I'm no expert but any 32-Valve V8 gets my heart rate up.  I heard this car go past at the historic races not too long ago in July.

I personally figured my car could handle a little rain.  My weekends off are few and far between these days so I had no intention of driving a dog haired Explorer today.  With 3 coats of Griots wax on my Carrera I figured I could make it to Tacoma and back  in the rain as long as I drove really fast.  Just not as fast as the new white Shelby GT500 I watched spin into the guard rail on the way, Sorry no photos, I just couldn’t do it. 
One good thing about attending in the rain, any half decent car  (like my 993, special to me but 13 years old) gets a good parking spot, and some admiration.  That’s because all the baby diaper rubbing trailer queens are at home under climate control.
But seriously, a good part of the limited attendance was the much anticipated lecture at MaxRPM Motorsports:  “Everything you wanted to know about your ECM but was afraid to ask.”  I’m going to venture a guess and say that lecture wouldn’t benefit this car.   But I could be wrong

A good amount of die hard MG and Subaru guys showed up, but this 911 stole my attention.  Just a nice tasteful execution of an older trackable car.   No details, since I never spoke with the owner (if I learn more, I’ll share later).
Subaru guys love the rain, with that AWD.   The rally Impreza in attendance luckily got himself a tent, since his windows didn’t roll up.  

A peek through the window of that blue Porsche.  You know you love it.  The hound's-tooth interior with roll bar finished it off, too. I’m sure John (obstructed from view here) , appreciated this owner driving it out to the event in the rain.   It just makes the car more special, knowing he wasn’t’ afraid to get it dirty.  John’s currently knee deep in a ‘68 912 to 911 conversion project hopefully he’ll make some good progress over the winter.  Go John!
After buying some $16 wash rags for my car, I paid homage to my favorite Ford, the Griot’s  Ford GT, making my wash rags worth every penny. 

A rainy day with sports cars, still beats a sunny day at work.


Special thanks to my new Nikon P7000 my smaller, cheaper, better camera.  Really digging it so far.


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