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Why a Z3 M Coupe?

Let me start by saying selling my 993 Carrera in 2016, while necessary, hurt me pretty badly. While that Porsche was the ultimate expression of just how cool I really am, it just wasn't an accurate expression of how underfinanced I really am. When it sold on BAT i swore I'd return! I swore to return with Car Guy vengeance.  I would climb the highest mountain, fast and meditate as long as it takes to come up with the ultimate, but affordable car guy acquisition. This acquisition would fill my empty soul. That next acquisition would meet the following criteria. 1. Cost next to nothing. 2. Seat at least 3 people (is the McLaren F1 expensive?) 3. Come in a manual transmission 4. Speak volumes about my genius via it's esoteric coolness 5. It should also be the fastest car I've ever owned. 6. Unnaturally aspirated (helps with the Colorado altitude) Well I haven't rocked all 6 bullet points, but the Z3 M-Coupe is darn close and perhaps I can work on item 6, and I would