My Experience with Bring a Trailer

I'm never selling another car again, except maybe on Bring-a-Trailer

I've had "amusing" experiences selling about 45 cars/motorcycles in my short life.  This blog is inspired by the sale of my Carrera in particular.

I hate selling cars, almost as much as I hate shopping for cars.  What I love, is dreaming about cars, spending  and tinkering.  Hell, I don’t even like blogging, but it’s cheaper than buying parts online.

But, I am the perfect, crazy jackass you want to buy a car from.  You benefit from my poor financial planning.  But buying from me may not be easy.

I miss that Porsche, but some lucky sucker got a well sorted machine.
I’m cynical, which doesn’t help my demeanor when I reply to emails.  If you’ve ever contacted me and you're sure you not an idiot, I apologize.

I hate short emails.  “Is it in good condition?”  Is WHAT in good condition?  I’m selling an old phone, some potted plants and a $80,000 car dude.  Also introduce yourself, you millennial dipshit.
I  hate long emails.  People ask all the things you’ve already answered in the listing.  So I immediately think they are a thief and any reply must lead to my identity theft or something, right?.  I then obsess over the email with a level of paralysis you cannot imagine. 

I love stupid questions Example: “is your car still for sale?” No, it isn’t but I love morons, so I’ve left the add up online.  Yes, it is still for freaking sale, jackass!

This photo captured the car's color best

I hate calls.  I won’t put my phone number down, because I fear these same annoyances would be somehow worse on the phone.  I have no rational reason for this fear.    People email me there number to call them and I cannot pick up the phone.  I’m then fearful they might not be serious and be wasting my time. Or worse yet, they just want to sell me some marketing help w/the car.  I just couldn't bear to waste 40 seconds talking to a sales person. So I won’t call them, and waste time thinking about my decision all day. I need a damn doctor. 

Text Messages.  Oh no, I couldn't possible do text messages. They all seem so rude.    

So basically, I'm averse to 100% of all forms of sales communication.  If anyone needed to pay a consignment to a dealership it is me.  But I hate dealers.  Primarily because of the $500 "inspection fee" bullshit.    Really? a 16yr old car detailer is going to inspect my Porsche Carrera? 

Here is an example of a recent dialogue.   Am I dramatic?   (read bottom to top please. and note:  , he's reached out at least once a month for 6 months since I posted this).

I once refused to sell a BMW M3 Convertible for my asking price because the buyer annoyed me so much.  I'm quite proud of that.
Tried eBay.  I got completely consumed and couldn't stop refreshing my listing, to see the next bid.   The quietness of the experience is palpable in it's heartbreak.  You feel bad for your car's self respect.   A week long auction is agonizing, and this level of 100% distraction could get me fired from my job.  Also, there is no good way to dialogue with interested parties, and paranoia gets the best of most bidders.

Does anyone really agree to pay 6 figures to strangers on eBay?  No they don't. They flake out after the auction.  You are left with eBay fees and the seller has disappeared. What's to hold them to the commitment to purchase? 

 a negative feedback rating.  Whooptidydooo.  (is that spelled correctly?)

  Repainted the e-brake (it was getting chipped)
The shift knob is the aluminum one not plastic.
Note the p-car mount, CocoMats, and cool pedals

Ever seen two porcupines have sex? It ain't pretty
   I find paranoia  offensive , which isn't rational, since I too am paranoid.  You'd think I'd be more sympathetic given my own mental illness.    

  Insult me all you like, but how dare you insult my car.?
Euro clear indicator lenses,  I have the OEM ones too.  Plate mount is fancy too.

My car's mileage was 85,000.  People are afraid of high mileage cars, I get it.  But, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY CALLING ME THEN? 

Usually, actual unmodified motors  (on all cars) do not fail if reasonable maintenance is done on them.  It is the other cheaper wear items that let you down.  Little electrical things, plastic valves for climate control, idle air control valves.  Plastic bits, that the sun has turned brittle.  Oxygen sensors, fuses and relays fail; stranding people on roads with no shoulder.   So they fear 65,000 mile cars as a result.   I find it simpler and cheaper to buy a 90,000 mile car and a AAA card myself.  

Owner  Jody Leonard

Proof of the right maintenance is trumps mileage.  If you look on the Hagerty valuation website, they rate classic cars by condition only.    Mileage shopping is poor substitute for knowing a model and what to ask and look over.   People drive  w/out change oil, then trade in every 2 years.  You wan't that car?  

People always shoot the passenger side because it holds up better than the drivers side.
I'm not above this practice, because i'm clearly a thief.  
Fear the CarFax  I feel this is somewhat bullshit.  Just like Zillow is shit too.  But this shit is all we have, so it gets used and eventually becomes a new standard, since nothing else exists that's as easy to use on our smartphone.

Sure, I want to know about flooding. But replacing a door doesn't bother me. So, why should I care?  I have to care because when I sell, some other guy might.   My greatest fear is finding a wrongful Carfax report on my car’s VIN.   Carfax is just one piece of the puzzle that is here to stay.  Bood cars are suffering as a result fo CarFax, and I cry for those cars sometimes, when alone, in bed.

Credit: Photo is my car, but taken by someone else.  NW Auto Salon
Trolls on forums are a treat.   You figure: "hey, let me give the enthusiast group a shot"  Then some keyboard cowboy that's actually 14 yrs old talks a bunch of trash about your car.  Also, lets also remember that people in forums, Facebook, etc probably already own the car you are listing.

Note the "S" is also altered. I've had it painted to match the red brakes.  
Car deals should be "Bromantic."  Two guys meet on the web, grow closer than they ever expected via mutual respect and love of the same car.  Kind of like handing your daughter off during a wedding.  Is this too much to ask?

Bring a Trailer bought me that Bromance.  

Trolls are pretty rare if you don't deserve trolling.  
Buyers cannot flake out on you very easily
Experts participate, giving confidence to inexperienced shoppers.
Dialogue is ongoing throughout the auction
Bad advice and good advice is rated by other viewers

The car pictured in this blog is long gone and sold for more than I asked on any other venue. Below is a link to the Auction, If you are selling a car I'd read it and note how engaged I was in the process.    The process is only as good as it's weakest participant, so  play nice.  There was enough positive reinforcement that even I was able to behave for a few days.

Okay, so maybe I could sell a car again. 

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