Dare To Dream

I've never owned a new car. Well, I guess the leftover 95 Nissan truck I bought in 96 might count. But come on, Nissans look 2 years old the day you buy them, so I'm claiming never on this issue. There are two reasons I've never bought new: first, they are expensive. Second… I forget the second. Boy, you really do pay a lot for new cars. I have often dreamt of the glory associated with a car that is perfect and has no flaws hidden by sellers. But buying new really blows the budget. I seek out used cars in really good shape with some success but, invariably, I later find the hidden flaws and they become even more depressing. My solution: win a new supercar in a raffle and fix all that.

The latest issue of Porsche Panorama arrived in the mail this week. On page 15, the answer: PCA's 2010 Member-Only Raffle. The winner will be provided with a $104K Carrera GTS coupe and $25K cash to cover most of the expenses associated with winning it. The GTS is one step above the Carrera S and one step below the Turbo. It sports over 400hp and I'm pretty sure it will by mine by mid-December. That's when I will be revealed as the drawing winner.

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There is no need to describe this car in detail. Porsche has done a plenty good job promoting it, just pick up any magazine. (see attached video below anyway) I myself love cars with all the super performance options and no super performance engine (perfect examples are a short list: C2S, GTS Carreras & Grand Sport Corvette). 400hp is enough for sure, and the turbo, to me, is just a bunch of moving parts to fail eventually. So the GTS will work out perfectly. To ensure my victory, I bought 4 tickets, but I'm pretty sure the first ticket will be the winner.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no sell out. I'm not going to take my new Carrera GTS and drive it into the sunset. I've meant all I've typed in my blog and know that even getting a $100K Porsche for free still doesn't make it a free car. A water-cooled supercar will likely require regular attention that I still cannot afford. Frankly, I don't even have it in my budget to replace one of those Center Hub Spyder Wheels when I curb it in a Seattle roundabout.

Now, don't think I'm going to take the cash option either… that's just ridiculous! No real man misses an opportunity to own a car like the Carrera GTS, even if it's for just one day. So, no, taking the $75K cash prize and buying a 993 or 964 ain't the strategy either, but it was considered. It's complicated, but I'm going to need to experience that Carrera GTS a little before we part.

So I've come up with a more realistic plan, once they announce me the winner.

On December 17th I'll get notified by the Porsche Club of America that I've won the raffle. I'll then spend a couple days determining the color, which will most likely be a non-metallic standard color (they are easier to repair should it get scratched). Luckily, Porsche's website has a "build your car" page that will help with this critical step. I'll just need a very large monitor with good color representation to get the proper effect. Once the color is determined, I'll likely take possession of the car in January at a distant location so I can make a victorious drive home from somewhere interesting. Vegas to Seattle would be a good choice, complete with mountain routes for the drive home following a victory party at the Wynn. I won't be gambling of course, since I'll have just won big time… it just wouldn't be fair for the casino.

Once the victorious ride home with the wife and camera is complete, washing and waxing will ensue. Reflection comes next. I'll praise my driving skills and the car for a couple days and my wife will agree. Then to post a blog, which will be fun, because you 20 people that read this blog deserve details, and I'm going to provide them. After a couple dates to nice restaurants with great views of the parking lot, it's onto phase 2 of the master plan.

After that first oil change, I'll be looking to sell the GTS and locate an acceptable Carrera replacement. It will likely be 993 Carrera 2S, 964 Turbo or perhaps a low mile RS America (despite my wife's disapproval of the RS America as a "stripped down, loud, luxury-less bullet"). I'll find something that suits my mechanic/touring/dinner-out nature. The primary point: I'll be hunting for a car more suitable mechanically and financially to user-servicing. I'm sure the water-cooled cars are great, but that's an extra messy step for the shade tree mechanic. I'm game for an elegant, simpler engine design, even if the performance stats are less incredible. I figure I'll try to get an amazing example of one of the aforementioned cars for around $50K then hopefully have $20K left over for bills etc.

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pic from listing at www.sloancars.com a great place to view exceptional examples of Porsches

I'll find this car easily (meaning, I'll have my wife do it) by matching up with another PCA member who owns a like new 993 C2S that's red with tan leather from the east coast. We'll then agree to drive our cars toward Chicago or perhaps South Dakota, meet for dinner and drinks, swap stories and have a really great time. I'll exchange my GTS for his C2S and an aluminum briefcase full of cash. Then, onward for a quick visit to Mt Rushmore and finally, off to Seattle via Yellowstone National Park. Catherine will be careful not to eat food in my car, not because of the bears, but because I hate crumbs.

Once home, the garage containing my new Guards Red 993, I'll again blog and share my experience. Then, I'll break out the random orbital polisher and lay a nice coat of wax onto my new Carrera. At this time, the less triumphant phase 3 of the new car purchase begins. I'll discover all the minor blemishes common to even the most well maintained 13 year-old car. Depression will set in and I'll spend every dime of the extra cash I received trying to turn that Carrera into something it's not: New.

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