Moms Tbird

 1955 Ford Thunderbird, Golden Rod yellow
This car is slated to go on consignment or eBay perhaps.
Currently a new home purchase is distracting us from the sale
of this car and it will have to wait till time is available to list it.
In the meanwhile, feel free to contact me
if you want a flawless '55 T-Bird

Photo from Barrett-Jackson auction.
Bought at Barrett-Jackson about  Las Vegas about 3 years, and 20 miles ago.  This T-Bird was a total restoration (body-off) on a California car.  Rebuilt 292ci V8, 3 speed auto, power steering, both tops.

Also an auction photo

The electrical system was converted during restoration to the more serviceable 12-volt system.  Making it so this could be driven more than just polished and trailered.   I know, you can drive a 6 volt T-Bird, but not if you're an average enthusiast you can't. After all, cool cars should be driven as much as humanly possible.

Mom actually found her Corvette more to her liking, so I'll be looking into selling it for her when I visit Pennsylvania I suspect.  Not all people enjoy this kind of retro experience. Many of us think we will, till the reality of manual seat adjustment, etc sneaks up.  Till now, these are the only two photos I have.   I hate to see her sell it, maybe she'll let me  "store" it for a couple years. 

I guess old cars aren't for everyone.  I'd have never thought my mother would get a Corvette before me.

Addendum:   I've recently visited my Mom and Aunt Dee in Pennsylvania, so I took some additional pictures.   During this heatwave it was 110 degrees and I was using a borrowed camera, so it didn't take as much time for photos as I'd like.

This first bunch was taken with my HTC EVO phone while picking the car up form storage to place in the new garage. 

  Frankly I've never seen a concourse car before up this close and certainly wasn't going to wash it for fear of scratching it.  So this is the car, fresh out of storage without being cleaned.  I'm sure you can get the picture of the quality here.

These pics might be better, borrowed a Nikon SLR

Good old mom took this car for one ride or maybe two.  I bet I drove it more miles when I moved it from storage to the new garage.  I can see why she doesn't drive it, its very very small inside and my lap hits the big  steering wheel.
 But it sure is handsome.
The only single flaw I have found in this impeccable car is the missing bolt in this photo, I'm tempted to fix it but don't want to use anything less than an OEM bolt for a car this good, so I'll do some homework first before running to a hardware store or something
I think an undercarriage shot explains the car well.

Bad lighting here, but at least you see it is all here, not big dents or anything.  The wheels need a washing as evidenced by the yellowing on the whitewalls.

I'll try to fit the ragtop on too, but heres the hardtop.

undercarriage (forgive the angle, I'm working from borrowed laptop)

same picture as above, just no flash.

Don't know why the hell I can't rotate this pic.
Note the white curtain on the floor, it's used to reflect light for pictures.
you can call me directly as two zero six, 949-0951 and I'll introduce you to the owner.



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