The 997.2 is nearly perfect, so I better just get rid of it.

2010 Carrera 4S

I just cannot settle on a permanent car.  Perhaps my lot in life is to buy, spend and sell over and over?  I don't know what's wrong with me, but I like what I'm doing and am not ashamed (okay may a little).  Well not too ashamed anyway. I think the Carrera marks my 60th vehicle in my 52years on this earth.   It will likely be my Porsche Swansong, they have gotten too collectable to buy inexpensively these days.  I will always be a fan but think it's just too expensive an asset to have lying around when I work from home and have 2 other cars. 

My 2010 Carrera 4S was a step in the right direction.
The last "small" 911 is also the last one with true hydraulic steering assist.

While the 997.2 may just be the best analogue Porsche left for under $100,000, your definition of analogue can vary quite a bit. Before manual transmissions are gone forever, I think I'll need just one more 3 pedal car. I am quite sure I'll be sending it down the road once I get a few more miles of pleasure out of it. I think presently I'm at 49,000 miles, perhaps we'll part ways before 50K rolls around. 

Full hood rock protection was added in 2021.
Headlights, bumpers, and partial fenders were done earlier. I install such things to protect the car, but don't know why since I typically sell in 1 years. So what's the point?

I think the 997.2 was a peak for Porsche water cooled Carreras. Still relatively small in stature. No tiny engine with turbos just to meet emissions. No IMS issues since that was removed from the engine design.  No bore scoring, since they "mastered" the cylinder coating process finally.  Direct injection was invented, so it has the best throttle response you can imagine, The steering design was never better. Remember  the later cars have a famous vagueness to them that is unfortunate side effect in electric steering.  Lastly dare I say it, the cup holders work well.  Yes, I care about cup holders and so do James May and Richard Hammond so I can like coffee and still be a car guy just like them.

Car has been ceramic coated for past 10 years.
Most recent application was completed in 2021

This car's trim level is second to none to me.  You cannot shop for specific trim levels when looking for a used 997.2, they are already too rare.  You simply get what you can find.  This car's list if options is extensive.  I was lucky as hell this turned up and was so well optioned, though I didn't realize how lucky I was till after I bought it.  I'll probably kick myself later, but I bore easily. 
    * Leather trimmed door handles, arm rests, dash and lower console.
    * Alcantara wheel, gear selector and e-brake.
    * Paddle shifters.
    * Full power, heated and airconditioned seats.
    * PASM suspension.  (selectable firmness)  
    * Sport Chrono
    * Bose Audio
While originally optioned with PSE, It presently has a Tubi exhaust system.
Italian made Tubi is hard to beat, but that's to be expected given it's cost. 
It's mildly loud when on the pedal but I've received only admiration from neighbors thus far.

These are the optional Porsche Turbo wheels appropriate to the car.
 I also have Starke Fuche replicas for the filthy Colorado snow days.  
Porsche ski rack is not pictured but works well for ski trips never take.

Alcantara headliners and stitched leather trim wraps all surfaces in the car.  
You don't realize how nice leather trim is till you sit in a lower optioned Carrera. 
Seats are both heated and air conditioned as well as electrically adjustable.
The Porsche Child Seat is a tight fit but worked to my surprise.

Front bumper shows a tiny crack or two, though hidden behind rock film.
That may very well be the only flaw on the entire car.

The torque of direct injection (first offered in the 997.2) is incredible.
Also incredible is the 28 MPG I get on the highway, how do they do that?

Steering wheel, gear selector and E- brake enhanced w/new Alcantara in 2021
Paddles like these aren't in all the PDK Carreras, most had stupid buttons. Yuk, 
Sport Chrono option is a MUST and can be spied here too.  
Black gauges are boring, luckily this C4S came with White ones.

History is of the utmost importance when service costs such a premium on such cars.  Naturally this car's history is commensurate with it's finish level.  I have a binder that starts with the window sticker, and ends with the recent interior air filter, CV boots and a belt tensioner all replaced by Glenn Shelly's Porsche mechanic this summer. It needs nothing and no major services are coming up either. 

I'm far from a professional blogger.
Which is why I cannot rotate this image.

 Meanwhile I thought I'd wrap the car to protect the paint and add some fun.  Black is easy to scratch and I don't like car covers.  Protecting the paint with blue vinyl was something more interesting.  This is Maritime Blue (basically Shark Blue) which is a Porsche color.  It can be removed by most detailers but I'm keeping it on to preserve the paint.
Sterling Customs in Denver did the wrap

You'll notice the radiator grills are now black,
I have two sets and change them with my mood.

This would be a perfect pic if the lights were illuminated symmetrically. 

Painted rear badging black to accent the blue.

Scallops were cut into the rear spoiler's wrap, to show the black accents.
This is also a strategy to prevent peeling, wraps often fail in this location.
Actually no "cutting" is done, it's a wrap design that doesn't require a blade.  

What's next you ask?

Boy that's a tough question, I'm nearly certain it will have 3 pedals that's about it. 
* The clown shoe (aka BMW Z3 M Coupe) is a candidate for certain.
* I'm also partial the E46 M3, but that would need to be a pretty special example in color and trim. 
* I have also considered a 'beater project' in the form of a 3.2L Audi TT Coupe 2008-9 example, those could be some big fun on gravel roads.   
* The Mustang Fox Body notchback is a interesting blank slate for a project car with the kid, but I've yet to find a stock unadulterated example
* Any Porsche 993 is always worth consideration.
* Alfa Spyder Quadrifoglio 
* Miata Turbo (always wanted to try one of these)
* Any cool electric or hybrid mid-sized trucks that might come into production next spring are candidates.  But I'd need to augment that purchase with a Mini, Alfa. Miata or something.
* Lotus Elise if priced right, and a cool color. 
* Lancia Delta Integrale, hey a man can dream.

Who knows? I also might keep the extra space empty in the garage for the winter and do projects on the Jeep XJ Cherokee that I'm preparing to auction off in the spring.   It has 90K miles, and is a rare Solar Yellow example, you can spy it in the photos above I think. 

Wish me luck! 


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