Time to part ways with the Oldsmobile 1970 442

For sale locally here in Colorado for $65,000 while I prepare for October Barrett Jackson auction.  

While I'm a serious seller, contacting me is intentionally hard since scams are so abundant.  

1. You can find/message me on Facebook under Adam Crabtree  (the car is my wallpaper so you'll know it's me).

2. You can also find/message me on Instagram under Carguyspeaks

3. You can bid at the auction in Scottsdale this fall. 

4. You can email me using this blogs name (3 words, no spaces)  @ outlook.com

You can't reach me through this blog, eventually I'll figure out how it will be sold, I'll post details here. 


Vin 344670E164243

Approximately 1000 miles since restoration in 2007-8

W25 outside air induction

455cid 4-barrel engine with 365hp

M20 4-speed transmission with factory Hurst shifter

3.42 12-bolt posi-traction rear end

Bucket seats with console (special ordered coupe interior)

Rally Pack gauges

Sport steering wheel

Original radio refurbished and modified to AM/FM stereo

14x7 SSI wheels

Twilight Blue with Pearl White interior.

2000 AACA Grand National Award-winning car prior to restoration.

Acquired from Thornton Classics at auction in 2008,
Barrett Jackson, Vegas after a full rotisserie restoration.

After acquisition this car remained in storage till 2020 when it was prepped for the 2020 Hagerty Silver Summit Rally but never attended due to Covid rescheduling.  Preparation included the following.

1.      Swapped Bias Ply Firestones for more drivable classic radials, Firestone Wide Oval Radials

2.      Re-Jetting Carburetor for Colorado altitude.

3.      Hotchkis Sport Suspension 89006 Total Vehicle System

a.       Sport Coils Springs

b.      Boxed rear control-arms

c.       Extreme Sway Bars

d.      Heavy Duty Tie Rod Sleeves

e.       Hotchkis Tuned 1.5 Street Performance Series front and rear adjustable shocks.


The trunk is stocked with required items for the Rally events.

a.      Laminated 442 wiring diagram.

b.      Spare belts

c.      OEM Fuel Pump

d.      OEM Ignition Coil

e.      OEM distributer

f.      Roadside rescue kit

Since it missed the rally in 2020 it has only been driven to Starbucks a few times and otherwise remained in storage.

Adding pictures as Simply Clean Detail takes them.  Higher resolution will be uploaded soon.  

I have the OEM sway bars, springs and lower control arms available as well.

These are radials, which are not original but necessary if you like to actually drive the car. 

A trained eye will tell you this is coupe interior trim.  Apparently the car was ordered this way.




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